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Learning Begins With Us

Since the inception of the school in 1876, Prince of Wales’ College has been considered as a major school in Moratuwa area and over the years, established its name as a leading school in Sri Lanka. Over the years, Prince of Wales’ College has provided the society with countless men of great caliber whom we are happy to say have served both, their school and the country alike….

And now, keeping up with the fast paced world, we have launched our new, official website. With the internet being a truly powerful means of reaching out to the community, we believe this would aid us to bridge the gap between the school and the parents, past pupils, past teachers etc. We warmly welcome all of you to be a part of this and there-by keep the evergreen Cambrian spirit high amongst us all!

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CODEFLARE '24 | ICT Competition

CODEFLARE '24 | ICT Competition

2024-09-07 School Premises
Dance with Gypsies

Dance with Gypsies

2024-07-14 Ramadia (Ranmal) Holiday Resort
පොසොන් සැදැහැ ගී සරණිය

පොසොන් සැදැහැ ගී සරණිය

2024-06-23 College Main Ground

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pwc principal

Principal's Message

- Mr. Hasitha Kesara Weththimuni

It is with great pleasure and deep sense of pride that I address you today as the Principal of Prince of Wales’ College. In the year 1886, our college started with the generous donation of Sir Charles Henry De Soyza and till today stands tall and strong as a testimony of our commitment to academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

It is with great pleasure and pride that we welcome you to our newly designed website on the occasion of the 147th anniversary of the College Read More...

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big match
big match


The Prince of Wales'–St. Sebastian's Cricket Encounter (The Battle of the Golds) is an annual cricket match played between Prince of Wales' College and St. Sebastian's College since 1933.

It is known as The Battle of the Golds due to the colours of the two school's flags i.e. Purple, Gold and Maroon of Prince of Wales' College and Green, White & Gold of St. Sebastian's College.

Over the years, The Battle of the Golds has become a cherished tradition, symbolizing the rich history and friendly rivalry between Prince of Wales' College and St. Sebastian's College.

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College publications, like the annual magazine and the golden book, are cherished treasures that capture the essence of our academic journey.

The annual magazine is like a time capsule, preserving memories of events, achievements, and personal reflections throughout the year. It's a colorful collage of photographs, articles, and creative pieces that showcase the diversity and talents of our college community.

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147 Years and Counting

Explore college history and discover 147 years of rich heritage and academic excellence.

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