Our mission is to effect quality teaching and learning environment where Cambrians would move forth step by step
in the competency based pedagogical process which is founded on national goals and on the theme,
“I serve. I value your services, developing their calibre for the well-being of the community.



To Make the School with the Best Students in Every Sector in Sri Lanka by 2025



"Facilitate the development of education, as well as co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, to achieve excellence by fostering the growth of students' knowledge, skills, and attitudes."

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The concept of the "Beautiful Wales" by the present Principal, in order to develop the infrastructure, and resources of the college in the year 2023, with the generous support and contribution from the Old Boys' Association in the journey of becoming the best college in year 2025. Our tribute to the present Principal and all the committed teachers and staff, the School Development Society, and the Old Boys' Association for this great work. It's time to gather around our Alma mater to make her beautiful and glamorous.






The Sinhala Anthem of Prince of Wales College Moratuwa is a special song that represents the school in Sri Lanka. It's sung in the Sinhala language and holds a lot of pride and significance for the students and teachers.

This anthem talks about the school's history, values, and the strong sense of belonging that the school community shares. When sung, it creates unity and a feeling of loyalty among the students, serving as a symbol of their love for Prince of Wales College Moratuwa.

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Sinhala Anthem PWC


English Anthem PWC

The English anthem of Prince of Wales College Moratuwa is a special song that represents our school's identity and values. It's a symbol of our pride and unity, sung during important school events.

The anthem's lyrics emphasize our commitment to education, character development, and excellence, instilling a sense of school spirit and loyalty among students. Whether at sports events or graduation ceremonies, the English anthem is a cherished part of our school experience, bringing us together and reminding us of our school's history and traditions.

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The flag of Prince of Wales College in Moratuwa is a simple yet elegant design that proudly represents the school. It features three vibrant colors: purple, gold, and maroon. The flag is divided into three horizontal stripes, with the top and bottom stripes being purple and the middle one being maroon.

In the center of the maroon stripe, there is a bold gold emblem that showcases the school's emblem or logo. This flag symbolizes the school's pride, identity, and values, making it a source of unity and recognition among the students and alumni of Prince of Wales College in Moratuwa.

The colors purple, gold, and maroon on the flag make it look special and remind us of the school's long history. The flag is like a treasure that tells the story of our school. When we see this flag flying, it shows that the school is very serious about teaching and doing well.

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house flags

The House System at Prince of Wales College was introduced in 1904. This system divided the students into different groups called houses, each with its own name and identity. It was a way to create a sense of belonging and competition among the students. Each house had its own colors, emblem, and motto, and students would compete in various activities and sports to earn points for their house. This system not only encouraged friendly competition but also fostered teamwork and camaraderie among the students. Over the years, the House System has become an integral part of the college's tradition, bringing students together and instilling a strong sense of pride in their respective houses.

Founders (Red & Black)

Gunawardana (Gold & Black)

Rodrigo (Purpule & Gold)

Mendis (Red & Gold)

Jayasooriya (Blue & Gold)

Lewis (Red & Purple)



Mr. Hasitha Kesara Weththimuni
Mr. Hasitha Kesara Weththimuni
SLEAS-II B.A.,M.A. (UOK) P.G.D.E.(UOC), P.G.D.E.A. P.G.D. in Mass Communication M.Ed.(reaching), LLB(reaching)
Mr. Ranjith Illapperuma
Mr. Ranjith Illapperuma
Deputy Principal
SLPS-I SLPS -1 B.A, M.A, P.G.Dip in Ed, M.Ed, P.G.D.Ed mgt
Mrs. H. E. Priyanga
Mrs. H. E. Priyanga
Deputy Principal
SLPS-I B.A., B.Ed. M.Ed. in Education Management, M.A. in Linguistics P.G.D.E., P.G.D.E.M.
Mr. Upul Silva
Mr. Upul Silva
Deputy Principal
SLPS-III N.C.E. Dip. (English) B.Ed. in Education Management
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Deputy Head Prefect
Nuran Gunawardane
Head Prefect
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The Prince of Wales College started building its school a long time ago, on September 14, 1876. They put down the first stone to begin the construction. A smart person named Mr. Muhandiram Mendis Jayawardane made the basic plan for the school.

This plan helped make the school's infrastructure, which means all the buildings and things the school needed to work properly. So, the Prince of Wales College has a history that goes back a very long time, and its infrastructure was carefully designed to support the education of its students.

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